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Rejuvenating your possum fur insoles

Rejuvenating your possum fur insoles

cold feet

Have you got cold feet? Do you feel like you are standing on ice? Why put up with this discomfort? Warm up your feet! In cold and freezing weather the whole body feels cold when the feet are cold. Imagine the cosy warmth of possum fur keeping your feet warm this winter. Our natural products help keep your feet cosy and warm. And warm feet are happy feet. Just pop a pair of the Possum fur insoles into your shoes, slippers or boots and straight away you'll notice the difference.

These also make great  presents! Why not buy a pair for someone you know, and they'll be glad you did!

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Possum Fur

Possum fur is obtained from New Zealand possums. It is a natural product, having superb insulating properties while also being very soft and gentle.

Possums were introduced by man into New Zealand and have no natural predators, so their numbers have risen to the point where they are considered a pest. The possum fur industry assists with controlling the possum numbers and provides sustainable employment.

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